Layton Legacy Trek

Ma and Pa Family Equipment List

Ma and Pa Equipment List

The following is a list of items that each Ma/Pa Family is responsible for providing for their family. Please obtain items from what you already have on hand and by reaching out and borrowing from members of your Trek family, family, friends or others who have these items.

Please label items. Your tote and big items will be labeled with your last name and company color at Trek check in. Ma and Pa equipment, as well as individual personal buckets and sleeping gear, will be brought to the Stake Center on July
10th for loading into trailers. (click to download list here)

  • 3 tents, enough space to fit family (one for boys, one for girls, and ma/pa)
  • 3 tarps or ground cloth under tents(optional)
  • 2 5-gallon insulated water jug containers
  • medium cooler (for lunches and snacks on trail)
  • completed family flag (will be handed out to you prior to Trek)
  • 2 camp chairs
    The following items will be stored in a 27 gallon plastic container/tote
  • 50-100 feet or rope or bungee cords (for tying down equipment/tarp shelter)
  • metal tent stakes
  • hammer/mallet
  • 16×20 tarp for shade on trail and at camp
  • extendable poles to hold up shade tarp
  • family blanket (use for trail breaks)
  • flashlights and/or electric lantern with extra batteries (nightly gatherings)
  • small first aid kit and self-care items (i.e. sunscreen, anti-chafing cream, moleskin, wet wipes, bug spray)
  • small notepad & pen/pencil (lessons, things said on trail, experiences to talk about later, keep track of times
    medication taken, etc)
  • black sharpie
  • bottle of hand sanitizer
  • roll of duct tape (not to be used on cart but has many other uses)
  • 2 spray bottles (for cooling off trekkers)
  • Kleenex
  • consecrated oil
  • 2 toilet paper rolls
  • small bag with a couple extra feminine hygiene items
  • zip-lock bags for feminine products disposal along the trail (a roll of doggie poop bags might work better, must
    be put in a trash bag)
  • 1-2 small drawstring trash bags
  • Hi-chews, jolly ranchers, lemon drops, root beer barrels, Starburst or other small juicy treats for trail (gather
    some of kids favorites to enjoy)
  • Gatorade powder mix
  • small activities/games
  • anything you feel you might need and can fit in the tote

    NOTE: a couple porta-pop up tents for cowgirl/cowboy stops will be provided for each company by Trek